Sunday, 13 July 2014

our first days together

My first days after leaving Cinderford were a bit of a blur if I'm honest.  Since Matt lives in this house where there is no where to park a car he has found me lodgings in what is could be described as a big green box.  I don't mind that too much as at least I don't have to put up with him driving me to the shop, the station and simply here and there just because he can.

I tend to be left alone with my thoughts for most of the week with Matt turning up on a Saturday to take me out.  The first thing he did, which I do appreciate, was to get me new tyres and brakes which to a car is like having a new pair of shoes.  He also got my floppy bits sorted which I can tell you was a blessing as they itched like only a person with piles can appreciate.  It's even worse when you are a car as you can't scratch and believe me it does drive you to distraction.

<< Floppy bits before

                           Floppy bits after >>

My stay with Trevor, Damon and Bruv was really nice and I met a couple of nice cars who were having some body work done (you won't catch me having cosmetic surgery).  Anyway after my time away I was seeing things in a new light.  I'm currently staying with a very nice chap called Jonathan from JLH Morris Minors who is going to sort out my suspension which given my bottom's been sagging for some time I'm quite looking forward to.

Matt and his mate young Ron also took me to a couple of classic car shows where I got to meet some really nice cars who told me not to worry my keeper was a nutter and I should just humour him as he probably won't go through with his mad venture but I have a horrible feeling he is going to go all the way and I'm going to have to go with him.

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