Friday, 31 October 2014

Bodywork - Sorted

When I was first stripped naked and taken back to 'basics' it looked like there wasn't too much to do as to be honest I think I looked pretty good.  Shot blasting revealed some more parts (or lack of) that needed some addressing so not was all as first seemed.

After getting to grips with things the shell work progressed reasonably well but as anyone who has been in hospital knows not fast enough as all you want is to get out of there.  Anyway Martin, Jonathan's body man, got down to it and has now pretty much completed all the body work with the panels all done and being etched ready for painting.  In fact I now have wheels on although they'll need to come off while I'm being beautified.  Hopefully next set of pictures will be me in all my glory.


Long range tank - Sorted

As anyone following Matt's blog will know our route takes us across some rough terrain in some pretty remote areas so we decided I needed a long range tank.  I suppose we could have simply left the old tank (or maybe a slightly larger one) in place and used Jerry cans but there were a couple of issues with that.  The first and most obvious is that the Jerry cans will take up storage space and without having details of where we could fill up I'd probably need two or three to be safe and storage space may well be a premium, I'm not really that big after all.

The second issue was that the petrol tank is mounted through a hole positioned at the rear of my body shell.  The issue here is that the tank would need some form of protection to make sure that rocks and rough roads can't damage it or worse still put a hole in it.

The solution to this is actually quite easy and you will see from the design posting we plan to place this where the rear seats would have been folded into.

With a little help from Jonathan the design we came up with was a 160 litre alloy tank which is filled with safety foam to make it safe and prevent the build up of fumes. 
The actual drawing for fabricators
Jonathan's contribution

The internal pipes (shown in green) will allow the petrol pump to suck up petrol from either side of the tank straddling the prop shaft tunnel.  This tank when full should hopefully give me a range of  around 1,000 miles at 30 mpg.  I'm estimating a low mpg as when the tank is full it'll be the same weight as two people in the back seat and I don't suppose I'd get much more than that.  If I do it'll be a bonus.