Sunday, 15 February 2015

Running in - not what I expected

Since the initial restoration work has been complete and now I have a new engine and gearbox Matt was told I need running in which means around 500 miles taking it easy and not going over 50.  Well all was going well until Muppet boy decided to test my front bumper by driving into another car!!

Well good news is that I wasn't going too fast and no one was killed (although I am considering doing Matt an injury in repayment).

Anyway now I have been run in (in more ways that one) I need to go back to Jonathon's so that Rod can do what he needs to the engine.  Also there are a couple of minor things that need to be ironed out. Gears are a bit stiff, petrol sensor still needs calibrating, headlining needs putting and the like.

Also while I was back with Matt his mate Paul Pibworth (Artist, Journeyman, Sculptor) started putting together the framework for my second floor.  Considering that Paul makes things like the Wilstead Man (his most recent project) I'm feeling honoured that my insides are being modified by an artist of such repute (grovelling over).

Anyway the idea behind the second floor is to create an area to store my second spare wheel and other bits and pieces such as tents whilst creating the floor for the main storage area.

Anyway, initial fabrication is underway and should hopefully be finished soon.  Thanks Paul!