Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rebuilding - Underway

Now most of me has been painted, in what I understand is Chevy Yellow, the rebuilding has started and bits are staring to be put onto my lovely new shell.

The wood, an integral part of the structure, has been put on to allow it to be fitted as it seems while the wood maybe perfect I apparently am not and so things like rear wings need to be 'encouraged' to fit

 Wood is covered with masking tape to protect it while being initially fitted. What a difference this makes I'm now beginning to look like a car again!.
 Once the wood's been fitted the rear wings were put on and it seems took a lot of encouragement by Martin to be made to fit.  But after some persuasion, judicious knocking around and then a bit of filler and sanding I have rear wings that are ready to paint..

 The long range tank has now been delivered!! Yay!! It looks absolutely brill.  It fits (now that 20mm was shaved off the width) and looks just like the drawing.

 The tank has been filled with safety foam which is designed to prevent vapour build up.  It has been positioned so that the weight is where it would be when people would be in the back seat of the car.  Also it makes good use of the space wasted through folding down the rear seat. 

 As well as making final preparation on the body, work has started on putting 'stuff' on.  The loom is now in place (sort of) and front suspension and brakes are also going on hopefully things are will start really escalate once Rod has completed the engine and the rear springs have been received.  Anyway I'm really pleased with the way this is all working out.