Monday, 4 May 2015

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Just over a year ago I joined up with a crazy man who decided I was going to take him to Mongolia and then bring him back.  The last year has seen me undergo a number of changes and with my interior practically complete I am now ready to rock and roll!

Once Jonathon and the team completed building me up into an awesome overland traveller it was time to get the interior storage space sorted and make sure Matt and Sarah were going to be comfortable (or as comfortable as they could be in a 1968 Morris Minor Traveller).  Declan, Hannah's (Matt and Sarah's eldest) partner happens to work in the Adelphi theater and strangely enough has wood working skills agreed to take on making Matt's design a reality.  Unfortunately he had Matt helping which maybe why it took a bit longer than expected.

So, Matt measured up Paul's frame and obtained and painted the woodwork in readiness for Declan's visit.  The floor of the main storage area is 18mm moisture resistant MDF with the bulkhead 12mm moisture resistant MDF.  6mm 'flexible' MDF was used for the sides and ceiling as well as headlining in the cab. Unfortunately Matt's measuring skills left a lot to be desired and Declan needed to trim the floor sections before they could be fitted which meant that there was a little delay before the main work could begin.

Once the floor was in work started on the interior proper.  Roof sections cut, bulkhead created and then the whole lot was put together to create a great usable space.

In addition to fitting out the interior storage area, Jonathon and Anthony fitted the seats which if you recall, dear reader, I mentioned were to be Saab 9000 electric seats.  These are leather and from what Matt said are really comfortable.  I don't know what Sarah thinks and as she is taller she may not agree but with the seats being adjustable up, down, forward and back and with an adjustable head rest she should be able to adjust them to suit.


So now other than minor cosmetic bits and pieces we are good to go.