Monday, 1 June 2015

Ready to rock 'n roll!

Well here we are with 4 days to go and pretty much all the little niggles sorted I'm ready to roll.  The new speedo issue was all down to worn threads on the nylon connector into the gearbox.  As the gearbox warmed up the threads slipped effectively disconnecting the cable. Anyway a newer connector with better threads solved the problem. 

Checked the speedo against the GPS one and the mechanical one reads around 5mph higher than actual speed so when doing 50 according to GPS doing 55 on the speedo.  This is probably not too surprising given that the reconditioned diff ratio is 4.55 rather than 4.22 which means that I'd be going slower for the same rpms and speedo works on gearbox revs rather than wheel revolutions.  Anyway as long as we know what the discrepency is no problem.  Will need to make sure we know the error on the miles recorded too.

Everything bar  a few spares have been packed and stowed away now so all there is to do is drive down to Rye and back to pick up Sarah and we are good for the off on Saturday.  The convoy is building up nicely with Carl and his traveller (convoy handle Love Machine), Paul and his borrowed Minor  Morris and Paul Harris with his Harley and some friends from the Fenlanders motor cycle club.  Hopefully Diz and Mabel will be able to join us as well as some other classics that may come out if the weather's fine.

Will keep you all updated as the adventure progresses so watch this space.

Convoy Hopefuls

Love Machine

Paul Harris and his Harley
Paul's Chariot Morris


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